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Snax Open Lists

The Only Plugin With Open Lists

Let users submit new content to already published lists and vote up for the best submission. It's so simple even your grandma can do it!

Only Viral Optimized Formats

Snax is about snackable content. Designed for simple and flexible audience consumption. This short-form content is optimized for social media and the mobile era. And finally, it's very easy to create by your users.







List format

Open Lists

Works With Every Well-Coded Theme

We developed Snax to work smoothly with as many themes as possible. It works like a charm with Bimber - the best selling viral theme. And Bunchy - the offical Snax theme - is already available.

Snax is compatible with Bimber Theme


Snax is compatible with Bunchy Theme


Snax is compatible with many themes

Twenty Sixteen

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BuddyPress Seamless Integration

Turn Snax into a remarkable content sharing platform with BuddyPress user profiles and instant notifications. With nearly 300,000 active installations, it’s the most popular social networking plugin, and Snax makes full use of it.

Snax + BuddyPress integration

WordPress Social Login integration

WordPress Social Login Integration

Nobody wants to create another account anymore. That’s why Snax is fully integrated with the WordPress Social Login plugin.

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… without getting hands dirty

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